Magic Leap One heads to the workplace

Magic Leap has released the Magic Leap One Creator Edition virtual reality 3D headset, with technology that allows for multitasking with its Lumin OS system and 3D prism apps. While its entertainment uses have drawn attention, Mike Elgan argues the best use of the device may come in corporate boardrooms.

Apple AR/VR headset reportedly slated for 2020

Apple is reportedly developing a wireless headset capable of running augmented reality and virtual reality technology, with a release target of 2020, CNET reports. Initial plans show that the specs call for 8K displays for each eye, as well as stand-alone connectivity.

Qualcomm to roll out VR headset with eye tracking

Qualcomm will release a developer kit for its Snapdragon 845 VR platform in the second quarter. Qualcomm’s headset includes two cameras for eye tracking, which can be used for direct control or for improving performance by rendering only the parts of screen the viewer is watching.

Google, LG to reveal high-resolution OLED VR display for headsets

Google and LG are expected to showcase high-resolution OLED virtual reality displays for head-mounted displays during Display Week in May. The event’s program guide suggests the system may use a dedicated display instead of using a headset with a mobile phone.