Our Topic Champions

The R&D work under the umbrella of the VRGeo Consortium is structured by an annual R&D Agenda defined by the VRGeo Consortium Steering Committee. The R&D Work is done by the members of the VRGeo (Consortium) R&D Team.

For the VRGeo Consortium R&D team to succeed while performing various projects in the respective objectives, a topic champion, i.e. a representative of a VRGeo Consortium member, is needed. The topic champion is someone with a great deal of technical expertise or industry knowledge regarding a particular project. The topic champion is a strong project supporter.

His/her role and assignment while cooperating with the VRGeo R&D team members and other VRGeo Consortium Member representatives is as follows:

  • The topic champion helps focus attention on a project from an oil & gas perspective.
  • The topic champion lends credibility to the viability of the project and to the skills and abilities of the key R&D team members to carry out the project activities.
  • The topic champion is available for the VRGeo R&D team members for project related questions, feedback and directions – even between VRGeo Consortium meetings.
  • The topic champion enables communication and cooperation of VRGeo R&D team members with employees in his/her company in project-related matters – if needed.
  • The topic champion provides data and insight from the oil & gas application domain to the VRGeo R&D team members in project-related matters – if possible and legal.
  • The topic champion reviews the work of the VRGeo R&D team – even between VRGeo Consortium meetings.
  • The topic champion involves/informs other VRGeo Consortium member representatives or the whole VRGeo Consortium in matters where direction and decisions within a topic not necessarily would gain the whole consortium.