Membership Benefits

Being a full member of the VRGeo Consortium includes …

  • to be part of one of the rare international working groups where experts from oil and gas – though being competitors – share experiences, ideas, challenges, and finally resources;
  • to have the right to review and license all VRGeo R&D prototypes and other domain-specific results;
  • to have access to public domain seismic data sets, the VRGeo Seismic Libary, assembled by the VRGeo Consortium;
  • to have an impact on the VRGeo R&D agenda according to a member’s needs and strategic objectives;
  • to share the expenses for basic research in the field of advanced visualization and interactive interpretation systems;
  • to benefit from the related experiences of other VRGeo Consortium members and from past R&D developments under the umbrella of the VRGeo Consortium R&D framework;
  • to attend VRGeo Consortium meetings, usually happening twice a year virtually or physically on the Fraunhofer Schloss Birlinghoven Campus in Sankt Augustin, Germany;
  • to have access to Fraunhofer’s well-known VRGeo R&D Team in terms of collaborative R&D activities and also for topic-specific consulting purposes on a bi-lateral basis;
  • to represent a VRGeo Consortium Member in the VRGeo Steering Committee with one vote;
  • to have the option as industrial member to nominate an academic member for a VRGeo Consortium membership.