3D Slice Tablet

The 3D Slice Tablet resembles a seismic slice in the VRGeo Demonstrator. It makes the functionality of a slice available to its user. Sketching on a slice and re-alignment of a slice become natural and direct interactions by means of the 3D Slice Tablet.

The 3D Slice Tablet can be tracked by any optical tracking system. Its position and orientation are measured in real-time. The handle (knob) at the bottom of the tablet makes it easier to hold the 3D Slice Tablet in one hand and it remaps the 2 buttoms from the top. The pen consists of 2 pressure sensitive tips, one at each end, and 2 side buttons.

Related Publications

  • The 3D Sketch Slice: Precise 3D Volume Annotations in Virtual Environments
    J. Schild, T. Holtkämper, and M. Bogen
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