Amazon wearable could recognize human emotions

Amazon hardware unit Lab126 is collaborating with the Alexa voice software team to produce a wrist-worn, voice-activated device that can read human emotions, Bloomberg reports. By discerning emotions via the sound of a person’s voice, the device could ultimately direct the wearer on how to communicate with others.

Sennheiser launches AR headphones

Sennheiser is improving on the immersive experience of Magic Leap’s augmented reality glasses by offering its own Ambeo AR One headphones. In addition to the headphones, the company has rolled out a new Ambeo Augmented Audio Lab app, which allows developers to create AR audio experiences.

Magic Leap shows off AR headset and content

Magic Leap has unveiled its AR headset, as well as content from several partnerships with developers, including game developers Weta Workshop and Wingnut AR. Meanwhile, medical imaging company Brainlab and furniture retailer Wayfair demonstrated business applications for the Magic Leap.

VR technology helps patients cope with pain

Health professionals are finding that virtual reality (VR) technology is an effective alternative to pain medicine and aids in anxiety management for patients. One patient with Crohn’s Disease had difficulty getting an IV, so he was immersed in a peaceful environment with VR that showed him Yellowstone National Park. This helped him calm down and allowed the nurse to find a vein more easily. Another patient had anxiety about her decision to give birth without an epidural, but after using VR at the recommendation of her doctor, her anxiety subsided, and she was thankful for its distraction from the pain.