SeisTablet” is an application for collaborative seismic discussion and interpretation using multi-touch tablets and OpendTect.


Amongst other functionality, the SeisTablet application supports viewport control of the OpendTect scene, viewport coupling between all tablets, modification and creation of 2D seismic lines and a mobile paint application for annotating 2D seismic lines. We integrated this paint functionality directly into the SeisTablet application. Users can now draw on top of seismic lines and transmit the results directly to OpendTect, where it can be presented to all participants. We also added a module to automatically generate PowerPoint presentations containing all annotations of the participants.


The development of SeisTablet startet in 2008. We presented it last in the December 2013 VRGeo Consortium meeting. As a result of a VRGeo Consortium Steering Committee’s decision in the June 2014 business meeting, the development of SeisTablet was stopped.