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·        “VRGeo is a perfect forum to discuss, experience and influence technology development within oil & gas science.” 


Jens Grimsgaard, Leading Researcher Geophysics Interpretation, Statoil ASA.


·        “…Saudi Aramco scientists have developed a billion cell reservoir simulationvisualization technology, … , by adopting Fraunhofer Institute’s Octreemizerproduct. Up to a few billion cell models can easily be visualized in three dimensions using the new technology. Users can rotate the image and generate two dimensional cross sections at desired locations of the three dimensional image of a reservoir property (i.e. pressure or permeability, etc.) by a mouse click. Generating images takes a few seconds only. This product allows engineers geologist to analyze the input and output of a giga-cell simulation in practical times.” 


In: From Mega-Cell to Giga-Cell Reservoir Simulation, Dr. Ali H. Dogru: Saudi Aramco Journal of Technology, pp. 63-70, Spring 2008.


·        “Identification of opportunities to improve our current technology.

·        Ability to test future concepts which might offer technology step changes.

·        Forum to discuss visualization topics with a diverse group of visualization experts.

·        Interaction between research, users, software and hardware providers.”


Knut Hansch, Principal Geophysicist, Canamens Energy AS, formerly with BP.